Ukrainian Security Service detains Defense Ministry arsenal employee recruited by Russian intelligence for sabotage

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has arrested a man employed at one of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s arsenals on suspicion of planning an act of sabotage for Russia.

According to the SBU’s press release, the man was recruited by Russian intelligence agents at the start of the year. The arsenal where he is employed stores strategic reserves of modern missiles and ammunition for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

“In order to do this, they used psychological influence and pressure methods, threatening the safety of the employee’s relatives who live in the temporarily occupied Donbas territories,” the press release notes.

The employee was instructed to gather and hand over information about the military facility, including its security status and the presence and movement of weapons.

“The aggressor-country planned to use the obtained information to sabotage the strategic military facility in order to undermine Ukraine’s defensive capabilities,” the report states.

As compensation for carrying out the assignments, the recruited man was promised financial assistance and Russian citizenship with a pension.

His activity was coordinated through the internet by supervisors from Russia.

  SBU, Ukraine, Russia