Ukrainian troops rehearse Russian invasion scenario from Azov Sea

Troops from Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation (JFO) practiced repelling a virtual enemy landing force coming from the Azov Sea, the JFO headquarters reported on Facebook.

With the support of tanks, artillery and aircraft, the anti-landing reserve forces “destroyed” the imaginary enemy’s first wave of landing forces, and did not allow the second wave to land.

The drill was conducted because the “waters and the Ukrainian coast of the Sea of Azov still remain high-risk zones for growing military aggression by our northern neighbor”. The JFO notes that the Ukrainian army is preparing for all possible tactical scenarios in the Azov region.

Recently the Ukrainian military also conducted an exercise on the Tendra Spit in the Kherson province, not far from the Crimean peninsula. The drill involved scouts from the 73rd Marine Center for Special Forces, which are known for their involvement in the anti-terrorist operation in the separatist-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The unit also fought in the battles of Debaltseve  and Ilovaisk. During the exercise, the troops practiced boarding ships from helicopters and boats, “arresting and eliminating” the imaginary enemy.

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