US Ambassador: Ukraine to lose billions of dollars if Rada does not adopt Anti-Corruption Court law

US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch stated that Ukraine will be refused billions of dollars in international aid if the Verkhovna Rada fails to pass the law "On the High Anti-Corruption Court", which was agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"Failure to pass an IMF-compliant bill would erode Ukraine’s ability to fight corruption, prevent Ukraine from receiving billions of dollars in assistance, and destabilize the economy. Getting this right is essential for building a strong, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine," she said.

She claims that the adoption of the law on Anti-Corruption Court is necessary for further cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF. The court will also help to establish the rule of law in Ukraine.

"I am confident this is fully understood by key officials in the Ukrainian government and members of the Rada, as well as by the Ukrainian people.  I don’t think anyone in Ukraine is unaware that this is a key moment, and a key decision," Yovanovitch summed up.

Moreover, Yovanovitch underscored that the Ukrainian people demand the adoption of the law: "The Ukrainian people demand an Anti-Corruption Court to root out the corruption that strangles economic growth, kills jobs, harms national security, and perpetuates poverty."

Yovanovitch believes that international experts should play a central role in the process of appointing judges for the High Anti-Corruption Court.

"If a panel of genuine experts selected by reputable international organizations determines a candidate is inappropriate to serve on an anti-corruption court, that decision should matter.  The opinion of such a panel should not easily be disregarded or overridden.  This role of filtering out bad candidates should play a central role in the appointment process," the diplomat stressed.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman had previously promised to resign if the law on the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court was not adopted in the near future.

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