US Congress proposes imposing sanctions against Russian weapons suppliers

The US Congress has proposed imposing further sanctions on Russian weapons suppliers.

The US House of Representatives of Armed Services Committee made a statement on the possibility of such an initiative on the website for the 2019 US defense budget legislation.

The authors of the bill propose authorizing the US president to impose sanctions on individuals who are supported by Russia's defense industry. In particular, this would impact supplies related to the development or production of basic military equipment. Sanctions may also be imposed on the governments of countries that would buy such weapons from Russia.

The drafters proposed amendments to Section 231 of the Law on Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions (CAATSA). The proposed innovations will allow the president to postpone the introduction of restrictive measures for 180 day, if the people purchasing weapons from Russia confirm their activities in the interests of the US national security.

The sanctions could also be postponed if steps are taken to reduce dependence on the Russian defense sector.

Within 120 days after the bill enters into force, the US President must provide a report to Congress with information on the supply channels used in the Russian arms trade programs.

The day prior, US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that sanctions against Russia should be strengthened.

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