US Senate approves $300 million in military aid to Ukraine

On June 27,  the US Senate approved the draft military budget for the 2020 fiscal year, which ensures the allocation of military assistance in an amount of 300 million dollars to Ukraine, reports the Embassy of Ukraine in the US on Facebook.

It is noted that the US Senate passed a bill proposing to increase assistance to Ukraine in the field of security to $300 million dollars, which is $50 million more than the amount allocated this year.

At the same time, $100 million out of this amount is granted for lethal weapons.

The Embassy reports that the document of the Senate proposes to expand the area of US assistance to strengthen the defense capability of the armed forces by including coastal defense, anti-ship missiles, as well as systems that will improve the efficiency of the command.

The US House of Representatives is working on its version of the draft defense budget, which provides the allocation of 250 million dollars for military assistance to Ukraine.

After the approval of the initiative, the representatives of both chambers will have to agree on the details of a final draft defense budget and submit it for signature by the US President.

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