US Representative Volker meets with Ukraine's Joint Forces Commander Sergei Naev in Donbas

The Joint Forces Operation press service announced via its Facebook page that U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, met with the Joint Forces Commander, Lieutenant-General Sergei Naev, to discuss the Donbas security situation.

“We are glad to welcome you in the operation area,” Naev stated. “We thank our partners for their support in the fight against the Russian aggressor.”

The Joint Forces Operation’s press service reported that the Joint Forces Commander will acquaint Volker with the military and humanitarian aspects of the operation. The parties will also exchange ideas for peaceful settlement of the conflict.

“This is the first meeting of the Commander with the U.S. Special Representative of the State Department since the beginning of the Joint Forces Operation,” the press service emphasized.

On May 14, Volker arrived to the Donbas, making this his seventh visit to Ukraine over the past eight months, since he started working as the U.S. Special Representative. On the eve of Volker’s arrival to Ukraine, it was reported by some media outlets that the mandate of the Special Representative was continued and expanded, but the U.S. State Department refuted this statement.

  Volker, Donbas, Ukraine