Volker: incident with the ammunition depo in Kalynivka will not impact the US decision to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine

Special representative of the US State Department Kurt Volker stated that Washington's decision to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine will not depend on the explosions at the ammunition depot in Kalynivka, the Voice of America reports.

On September 26, several explosions began at the arsenal of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine near the city of Kalynivka. About thirty thousand people were evacuated from the territory of Vinnytsky and Kalynivsky districts. The Defense Ministry said that 83,000 tons of ammunition was stored in warehouses. The General Staff informed that 70 percent of the ammunition remained undamaged.

"We do not know all the circumstances. Many are interested in explosions but there is also a high probability that it was an accident. I think that the US decision to provide [Ukraine] with weapons will be made on the basis of US goals in this matter," Volker stressed.

Earlier it was reported that the decision to provide lethal defense assistance to Ukraine was under consideration in the White House.

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