Volker: Obama imposed restrictions on supply of weapons to Ukraine, Trump lifted them

Donald Trump's Administration's decision to start supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine has removed the restriction on supplies imposed by former U.S. President Barack Obama,  U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, stated in an interview with Echo of Moscow.

"This decision [on weapon supplies] was, in fact, the lifting of the Obama administration's restrictions. President Obama had imposed restrictions on U.S. assistance to Ukraine. The U.S. has established relations in the field of defense with many countries, but Ukraine was, in fact, put to a separate category," Volker stated.

In addition, he noted that there was a contrived distinction between lethal and non-lethal weapons in the United States under Obama.

"For example, counter-battery radars, which help to strike back against the locations where the attack comes from, are considered to be non-lethal weapons. At the same time, sniper rifles, which the United States will allow Ukraine to purchase, are considered lethal weapons. And in fact, this restriction is quite unnatural," Volker explained.

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