Volker: Zelensky has chosen a reasonable strategy for Donbas, but there should not be concessions

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s strategy, which avoids calling Russia the “aggressor-state”, makes it possible to avoid accusations against Ukraine from its western allies, said Kurt Volker, former US Special Representative for Ukraine, as cited by Eurointegration.

According to Volker, the people who question such behavior by the head of state should take into account the progress of international negotiations.

“Taking them into account, the strategy that Zelensky has chosen is, in my opinion, very intelligent. The point of it is to show the world that Ukraine is trying to resolve the conflict, that you want peace, and are willing to negotiate, you see space for compromise, that you are ready to meet, you want to exchange prisoners, you are working very proactively,” he said.

The American diplomat has observed a trend in which several European countries are inclined to accuse not Russia, but Ukraine, because it’s easier to accuse Kyiv than to fight against Russia.

“Zelensky’s actions don’t let this happen,” Volker believes.

However, when using such a strategy, it would be unacceptable to make concessions to the aggressor, he remarks.

“Openness to dialog should not lead you to think that the problem is in Ukraine. You need a very clear understanding of what Russia needs to do to implement the Minsk Agreements. And I get the impression that Kyiv does have such an understanding,” he remarked.

After the recent attack by separatists against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zelensky described the incident as “shameless provocation”, without specifying exactly who was behind it, but promised to maintain a course towards peace.

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