John Boehner - The White House is abandoning Ukraine

The administration of the republican speaker John Boehner accused President Obama’s administration for not taking any steps towards providing Ukraine with lethal weapons.

On Wednesday Boehner's administration sent out an email with the subject "The White house is abandoning Ukraine" says quoting the Voice of America.

The letter says that “while Russia continues to escalate its attacks on Ukraine, USA has a moral obligation to support Ukraine. Ukraine is in desperate need of defensive weapons to protect its freedom".

“The secretary of defense, Ashton Carter, said that he is in favor of providing Ukraine with the weapons it needs.” - continues the letter.

The Ukraine Freedom Support Act was signed by Barak Obama on December last year. This act gives the President the capacity to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Although up until now the president has failed to do so. " - the letter states.

"There have been numerous voices raised among republicans and democrats for the President to exercise this option.

“Although there are no signs that the President is ready to make this step"

“Unfortunately Obama's administration has been paying more attention in making friendships with the  enemies rather than helping our allies" - conclude the authors of the letter.

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