Yanukovych wants to leave for treatment in Israel

Aleksandr Goroshinsky, the lawyer of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that the former president might leave the country to receive treatment in Israel.

Goroshinsky is in Moscow, where he arrived to discuss the court hearing with Yanukovych, however, he failed to meet with his client. Instead, the lawyer met with the surgeon who came to inspect the trauma sustained by the Ukrainian ex-president.

According to Goroshinsky, Yanukovych’s defense lawyers contacted a clinic at the end of November. The politician requires “surgical intervention, perhaps multiple operations. The surgeon gave the lawyer his findings, and Goroshinsky intends to provide this to the Obolonsky District court of Kyiv.

The lawyer did not name the diagnosis, or the name of the clinic visited.

Eyal Attias is listed as a highly qualified practitioner for the BeitGadi clinical diagnostic center which is located in Netanya.

The Ukrainian court gave Yanukovych another opportunity to make his final statement, appointing the meeting on December 5th.

In mid-November, Yanukovych’s lawyers report that he was injured when he fell on a tennis court and will not be able to speak before the court.

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