Russian politician Yavlinsky: Russia is heading into a dangerous abyss

A Russian presidential candidate from the Yabloko party, Grigory Yavlinsky stated after the elections that “the country is heading into a dangerous abyss.” “We thank all Russian voters who voted in favor of change, alternatives and the truth. The million votes that we received are worth a lot,” Yavlinsky posted on Facebook.

Yavlinsky went on to say that one million people recognize the archaic political system for what it is: a system where each day is hopelessly the same as the day before, where a backward oil economy is past and should remain in the past. “We represent the voice of these people in politics. Together with a million of Russians we demand changes. We don’t give up; we will continue to fight for a decent future, for changes in the country. And I am sure that we will win sooner or later,” he stressed.

At the same time, he added that “the country is heading into a dangerous abyss. Bad times lie ahead and it is less possibility to change this.”

“We took part in this campaign to force [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to change the policy: to eliminate poverty, to stop wars and Russia’s isolation. We wanted to save the economy, to prevent an arms race and a big war. We wanted to prevent disaster. We have said all we wanted to say and done everything we could. It doesn’t matter how small the percentage [of votes] I get is, and what a high percentage Putin gets; it is important what will be with the country now,” Yavlinsky noted.

Yavlinsky expressed regret that “in these elections, many politicians helped Putin to bring the country closer to disaster instead of preventing it.”

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