Zelensky and Pence discuss meeting with Trump and peace in Donbas

During a meeting on September 1, US Vice President Mike Pence and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed the latter’s upcoming visit to the US and meeting with President Donald Trump, as well as “the strategy for restoring peace” in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian president’s press service reported.

On the sidelines of an event commemorating the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II in Warsaw, Pence told the press that the US will continue to support Ukraine.

“We have always supported the Ukrainian people, and especially since 2014 we have resolutely advocated the territorial integrity of Ukraine. And I can assure you that we will continue to support the Ukrainian people in the matter of your security and territorial integrity, including Ukraine’s legitimate right to Crimea,” Pence promised.

The US Vice President also said that he wanted to discuss reforms and the Minsk agreements with the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky, in turn, thanked Pence for the US’s constant insistence on and protection of Ukraine’s rights and for not changing its stance on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as for giving financial assistance to Kyiv.

“But we believe that there will soon be peace, and we are doing all we can for that,” he added.

Apart from discussing the situation in the Donbas and a gradual plan for restoring peace in Ukraine, Zelensky and Pence discussed cooperation in the energy sphere and highlighted the importance of the memorandum of understanding between Ukraine, Poland and the US. Pence highlighted the US’s support of Ukraine’s independence in the energy sphere.

Initially there were plans for Zelensky to meet with US President Donald Trump while in Warsaw, but Trump called off the meeting due to a hurricane in the US.

Zelensky is expected to meet Trump for the first time during his visit to the US for the UN General Assembly in New York in the second half of September.

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