Zelensky dismisses 12 Ukrainian ambassadors

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has decided to update Ukraine’s diplomatic corps, the presidential administration announced on its Telegram channel.

“The decision has already been made to replace 12 heads of embassies around the world. The Ukrainian ambassador to the US will also be ending his stay in Washington,” the post states.

The other countries where Kyiv is replacing ambassadors were not mentioned. Zelensky’s administration is already selecting new candidates for the ambassador position, and they will be appointed by a presidential decree in the near future.

Zelensky’s decision is the continuation of an extensive campaign to replace the senior officials in Ukraine’s government institutions. Before this, Zelensky began replacing the majority of Ukraine’s regional leaders. On 11 June, he fired 15 governors in a single day. On 10 July, he replaced the heads of 71 regional administrations in a single day.

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