Zelensky proposes meeting with Putin in Vatican

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky considers the Vatican an ideal place for a bilateral meeting with the Russian President.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, which was published on Zelensky’s website,  the Ukrainian President noted that the meeting with the Russian president will definitely take place, as it is necessary to end the war in the Donbas.

"It seems to me that the meeting, for a start, should take place in the territory that embodies peace and dialogue. In my opinion, the right place for an extremely complex dialogue about peace will help to resolve the issue," Zelensky believes.

When asked if it could be Rome or the Vatican, he said: "Yes, maybe it could be the best place from all points of view."

"The Vatican is really an ideal place for a dialogue about peace. The Holy See is a global moral authority that always effectively acts as a mediator, as it is impartial and inspires the confidence of all parties to the conflict," Zelensky stressed.

According to him, The Vatican differs from other "world players" because it always remains an exceptionally moral force and acts in an impartial manner, with no military, political or economic interests.

"A mediator with such authority can provide the certainty that our attempts at reaching an agreement are lacking. Of course, the venue should command the confidence of both sides. Then it will be effective, and we will really be able to speak on the merits," Zelensky added.

Earlier, in his video message, Volodymyr Zelensky invited Putin to meet in the Donbas.  Putin, in turn, suggested that Zelensky should come to Moscow.

  Zelensky, Putin