Iran threatens to 'level Tel-Aviv and Haifa to the ground'

Following the Israeli Air Force attack on Iranian positions in Syria, a member of the Iranian Council of Experts, Ahmad Khatami stated after the Friday prayer that Iran will destroy the largest city in Israel - Tel Aviv and Haifa.

According to him, Iran can "level these cities to the ground" even without nuclear weapons, only thanks to the power of Iran’s missiles.

"We do not talk about a nuclear bomb, but on the contrary, our policy is a deterrent policy, every day Iran's missile power is growing in this direction so that Israel would not be able to fall asleep due to this force. If it [Israel] acts recklessly, we will level Tel-Aviv and Haifa to the ground, “Khatami said.

Earlier, the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Kasemi, said that Tehran condemns the latest strikes of the Israeli Air Force on the territory of Syria. According to Kasemi, the Israeli operation carried out on Thursday night and other actions are aggression and a gross violation of the sovereignty of another country.

On the night of May 10th, the Iranian military, operating in Syria, fired dozens of missiles on positions of Israeli military in the Golan Heights. Israel struck back, attacking dozens of Iranian military facilities in Syria.


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