NATO Air Defense Forces exercises to be held in Poland in June

NATO troops will hold a military exercise in Poland called "Tobruq Legacy – 19" from June 3 to 19. Air defense activities will be practiced during the maneuvers, reports news portal.

About 4,800 troops from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, the USA, the Czech Republic, and the UK will attend the exercise, and 1,200 units of equipment will be involved. It is expected that during the maneuvers Patriot missile systems will be used, as well as several short-range systems such as Kub and Osa.

It is reported that the purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate the capability of the multinational ground-based air defense systems of NATO to cooperate under one command following the procedures of the Alliance. During the training, it is planned to conduct maneuvers at the staff level, as well as tactical exercises, shooting, use of various early warning systems, liaison, and communication.

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