Putin calls his meeting with Trump useful

Russian President Vladimir Putin called his meeting with American counterpart Donald Trump, which took place in Helsinki last month,  useful .

"As for our meeting with President Trump, I assess it positively and I think that it was useful," he said at the press conference in Sochi while answering the correspondent's question. Putin stressed that "no one expected that in a two-hour conversation it would be possible to resolve all issues that until now were controversial." He noted that the U.S. president expressed his position regarding the contentious issues, and so did he. "The exchange of opinions, direct conversation is always very useful," added Putin.

On July 16th, Putin and Trump met in Helsinki. On July 19th, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders reported that Trump would invite Putin to visit the American capital in the fall, and this question is already being discussed. The assistant to the president of Russia, Yuri Ushakov, said that the American side offered to hold the next meeting of the leaders in Washington, but preparations had not yet begun. Subsequently, Trump’s advisor John Bolton said that the US president intends to hold the next meeting with Putin in 2019.

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