Putin speaks about Trump’s position on Crimea

President of the United States Donald Trump believes that it was unlawful for Russia to annex the peninsula of Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in his press conference following talks with Trump in Helsinki.

“The position of President Trump regarding the Crimea is known, he stands by it. He talks about the illegality of the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation. We have a different point of view. We believe that we held a referendum in strict accordance with international law and in accordance to the charter of the United Nations”, said Russian president. He was answering the question regarding what Trump said about the official recognition of the Crimea as part of the Russian Federation.

“For us, for the Russian Federation, this issue is closed”, added Putin.
Before the meeting in Helsinki, Trump said that the annexation of the Crimea became possible due to Obama’s “incorrect policies”.

Earlier, the publication “BuzzFeed”, referring to two diplomatic sources reported that US President Donald Trump allegedly told the G7 leaders that the Crimea belongs to Russia because everyone who lives there speaks Russian. These words were repeatedly denied by Ukrainian and American diplomats, explaining that Trump’s words were taken out of context.
The Kremlin claimed that the question of the annexation of the Crimea is not on the agenda for the meeting in Helsinki.

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