Putin: U.S. authorities put Russia on same level as North Korea and Iran

During a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that U.S. authorities put Russia on par with North Korea and Iran.

“We try to work constructively with everyone, not to take offense, not to pout. As for North Korea, our position is known; we do not recognize the status of North Korea as a nuclear power,” Putin said.

According to him, at the same time, the U.S. “is asking us to solve the problems of North Korea and Iran’s nuclear program.” “You guys are interesting. It just doesn’t make sense,” Putin said.

The Russian president said that it was the West that provoked North Korea and pushed it to develop its nuclear program. “In the mid-2000s, it was agreed that North Korea would not build a missile. You agreed. But then the U.S. provoked Korea to withdraw. And then there were Libya and Iraq. So North Korea does not see another option, except how to make a rocket,” he added.

In this regard, Putin called on the U.S. to stop provoking the regime of North Korea. “We do not see other options, except for the improving of relations between North Korea and the United States,” he said.
As previously reported today, the UN Secretary General called on the world to not allow a war with North Korea.

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