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  • UN human rights chief says more than 1,000 civilian bodies have been uncovered north of Kyiv

    The United Nations human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, announced Thursday that the bodies of more than 1,000 civilians have been found in the areas north of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv that were occupied by Russian forces. The numbers include several hundred civilians who were summarily executed.

    “The figures will continue to increase,” Ms. Bachelet told a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

    The UN investigation has focused on reports of abuses in Bucha, …

  • Amnesty International says it has evidence of war crimes by Russian forces in Ukraine

    Amnesty International announced it has evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces in the Kyiv region during the invasion of Ukraine.

    During a press briefing held after a 12-day investigation in around the Ukrainian capital, Amnesty International said Russian forces "must face justice for a series of war crimes" in the Kyiv region.

    The organization’s investigation was based "on dozens of interviews and extensive review of material evidence" and has documented "unlawful air strikes on …

  • Ukrainian Security Service has identified almost 900 Russian servicemen responsible for war crimes in Kyiv region

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported that it had identified almost 900 Russian servicemen who committed crimes against civilians in the Kyiv region. "The Ukrainian special services have all the information on the occupiers, as well as evidence of their atrocities," said SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtyarenko.

    According to him, the SBU is currently verifying more than 2,500 Russian soldiers who serve in units that were deployed to the Kyiv region. As part of the investigation, 7,000 …

  • Commander of Russian brigade that committed atrocities in Bucha promoted to new rank

    The commander of the motorized rifle brigade that committed atrocities in Bucha, Kyiv region, Azatbek Omurbekov was promoted to the rank of colonel, reports the Russian news agency Agentsvo. Novosti.

    "Within three weeks on the frontline, under the leadership of Colonel Omurbekov, the brigade units repelled more than 50 enemy attacks using tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and heavy artillery," Agentsvo. Novosti quotes the Russian Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

    The Russian …

  • Kyiv region police chief says 420 civilian bodies have been found in Bucha

    More than 420 civilian bodies have been found in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, according to regional police chief Andriy Nebytov.

    "The Kyiv region police continue to work. As of Saturday evening, more than 420 bodies were found in Bucha alone. And this process continues, people return and find temporary graves in their homes and storage of corpses in basements, wells, and so on," the Kyiv regional police wrote on Facebook.

    Bucha was the scene of summary executions, brutality and indiscriminate …

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Orban asks Zelensky for proof of Bucha killings

    According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, one of the leaders of the EU countries demanded that Kyiv provide proof that the Russian war crimes in Bucha were not staged. 

    In an interview with the German newspaper Bild Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that one of the leading European politicians wanted to see evidence of the veracity of the crimes in Bucha.

    When asked by a journalist whether this EU politician is the head of the European government, Zelensky answered in …

  • Der Spiegel: in intercepted radio communications obtained by German intelligence Russian soldiers speak about killings in Bucha

    The Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND) allegedly intercepted radio communications of the Russian military, which contain new information about the massacre in the town of Bucha near Kyiv, reports Der Spiegel.

    In radio messages, the Russians discussed the killings of civilians in Bucha. Some radio conversations can be correlated with the specific dead bodies in the photos from Bucha.

    In particular, the German intelligence service has radio messages, the content of which correlates …

  • Navalny: magnitude of lies coming from Russian media is incomprehensible

    Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny who is held in Pokrovskaya Penal Colony No. 2 described how the "special operation" in Ukraine and, in particular, the events in Bucha are seen by Russian television viewers. "And I am just one of them," the Russian opposition leader said on Twitter.

    Navalny described how he learned about the monstrous events in Bucha in morning from the news report that "Russia is convening the UN Security Council in connection with the massacre that the Ukrainian …

  • Russia accuses Ukraine of attempting to break off negotiations after the events in Bucha

    The Ukrainian side tried to break off negotiations with Russia after the publication of footage from the city of Bucha, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He called photos and videos with images of dead bodies a provocation, the purpose of which was "to distract attention from the negotiation process, to distract attention from the fact that the Ukrainian side began to play back after talks in Istanbul, tried to put forward new conditions."

    "The question arises: what is the reason …

  • Kyiv: Russian troops responsible for Bucha massacre returning to Ukraine

    The Russian soldiers, who committed atrocities in Bucha, are coming back to Ukraine, reported the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry (GUR).

    "The 64th Motor Rifle Brigade of the 35th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Federation, the servicemen of which committed mass murders and torture of civilians in Bucha, will be sent back to the territory of Ukraine. The Russian command will not rotate personnel in this unit and will again deploy it to the front line, " the …