Navalny: magnitude of lies coming from Russian media is incomprehensible

Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny who is held in Pokrovskaya Penal Colony No. 2 described how the "special operation" in Ukraine and, in particular, the events in Bucha are seen by Russian television viewers. "And I am just one of them," the Russian opposition leader said on Twitter.

Navalny described how he learned about the monstrous events in Bucha in morning from the news report that "Russia is convening the UN Security Council in connection with the massacre that the Ukrainian Nazis staged in Bucha." And in the evening of the same day, the TV presenter of the TV Channel Russia 1 explained everything: "The provocation in Bucha was prepared by NATO for a long time and at the highest level. This is confirmed by the fact that earlier President Biden called Putin a "butcher." Listen to how consonant the English word “butcher” and "Bucha" are. This is how the Western audience was subconsciously prepared for this provocation."

According to Navalny, it is impossible to imagine "the scale of the lies on federal channels and, unfortunately, its persuasiveness for those who do not have access to alternative information." The oppositionist believes that "Putin's propaganda has long ceased to be a tool."

"They are real warmongers and have become an independent party. They demand war to a victorious end. They are not afraid of nuclear war either. They smear and destroy their own Putin-lovers on the air, if they only hint that peace negotiations are good," the politician writes.

According to Navalny, Russian propagandists "create a public opinion that no longer just allows Putin to commit war crimes but demands them from him."

"Warmongers should be treated as war criminals. All this "Radio of a Thousand Hills" must now be sanctioned and someday put on trial. Well, I want to remind you that the National Media Group, which owns the lion's share of this apparatus of lies, undoubtedly belongs to Putin personally. It is even formally headed by Putin's mistress Alina Kabaeva," Navalny writes.

Navalny is confident that "the most decisive measures must be taken to complicate the work of these descendants of Goebbels, from a complete ban on the supply and maintenance of equipment to the search for their assets in the West and visa bans. He believes that "monstrous atrocities in Bucha, Irpen and other Ukrainian cities were committed not only by those who tied hands behind the backs of peaceful people, not only by those who shot them in the back of the head, but also by those who stood nearby and whispered: "Shoot, shoot, we will play it so cool on the evening TV show."

Evidence of the war crimes committed by the Russian troops in the city of Bucha, in the Kyiv region, became public on April 2, when Ukrainian troops entered the town. The Russian authorities immediately called the evidence of the brutal massacres of the civilian population staged. Later, they said that the bodies are real, but this is the work of the Ukrainians themselves, since at the time of the massacres the Russian military had already left Bucha.

However, satellite images published by the New York Times show that the bodies appeared on the streets long before the departure of Russian troops from the city.

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