Commander of Russian brigade that committed atrocities in Bucha promoted to new rank

The commander of the motorized rifle brigade that committed atrocities in Bucha, Kyiv region, Azatbek Omurbekov was promoted to the rank of colonel, reports the Russian news agency Agentsvo. Novosti.

"Within three weeks on the frontline, under the leadership of Colonel Omurbekov, the brigade units repelled more than 50 enemy attacks using tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and heavy artillery," Agentsvo. Novosti quotes the Russian Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not provide details where the events took place. Earlier, Ukrainian and some Western news agencies, as well as the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry called Omurbekov the commander of the 64th separate motorized rifle brigade stationed in the Khabarovsk region.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the servicemen of this brigade are responsible for crimes in Bucha.

Omurbekov appears as a lieutenant colonel on the UK sanctions list. The same rank was also indicated earlier in the Russian media.

Agentsvo. Novosti was unable to find the exact date when Lieutenant Colonel Omurbekov was promoted to colonel.

Earlier, Putin awarded the title of "Guards" to the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade, which is responsible for atrocities in Bucha.

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