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  • Elon Musk’s satellites scare Kremlin

    A group of 12,000 satellites launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink can be used for military purposes, said the chief designer of the Russian Missile Attack Warning System, the general director of the defense company VYMpel, Sergey Boev, as qoted by Interfax.

    Boev recalled that John Raymond met with Musk, Richard Branson (head of Virgin Galactic) and others involved in space development almost immediately after his appointment as first Chief of the U.S. Space Force’s.

    John Raymond wanted to …

  • Kazakhstan explains why Musk’s rockets are better than Russia’s

    The first two Kazakhstani scientific satellites will be launched using a Falcon-9 launch rocket developed by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, because this will be cheaper than launching using a Russian rocket, said Aset Nurkenov, spokesperson for the Kazakhstani Ministry of Defense and the Aerospace Industry, as quoted by Interfax. He noted that in future, Kazakhstan may launch “space apparatus of such a configuration” from its Baikonur Cosmodrome using Soyuz and Proton rockets.

    “This time we are …

  • New russian MC-21 airliner 50% more expensive than Elon Musk rockets

    The project to develop the mid-range MC-21 aircraft, included in the Russian government’s innovative rebuilding of the economy plan in 2008, has become 130% more expensive over the course of its existence, reports

    The completion deadline was missed, and instead of two models, a 300 and a 400, the project was downsized to one, according to a report published by Russia’s Accounts Chamber on Thursday.

    During the course of the project, the time needed to develop the plane grew to three …

  • Kremlin: Russia wants to borrow space technology developed by Elon Musk

    Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Tuesday that Russia plans to use some technical solutions developed for the aerospace industry by Canadian-American businessman Elon Musk.

    He stressed that the severance of cooperation with the US in space and the cessation of rocket engine deliveries to the United States, both of which the State Duma proposed within the framework of a new law on retaliatory sanctions, would be a shot in the foot.

    "The Americans still fly on our Soyuz ships; …