Elon Musk’s satellites scare Kremlin

A group of 12,000 satellites launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink can be used for military purposes, said the chief designer of the Russian Missile Attack Warning System, the general director of the defense company VYMpel, Sergey Boev, as qoted by Interfax.

Boev recalled that John Raymond met with Musk, Richard Branson (head of Virgin Galactic) and others involved in space development almost immediately after his appointment as first Chief of the U.S. Space Force’s.

John Raymond wanted to find out what benefits civilian spacecraft can bring to the US Space Forces, Boev explained in the program "Military Acceptance" on the TV channel "Zvezda.

At the moment, SpaceX Starlink orbital group, which consists of 300 spacecraft, is already the largest in the world. Starlink ‘s purpose is to create a full-scale network that will provide access to broadband Internet anywhere in the world.

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