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  • Kremlin responds to Trump's call to stop military operation in Syrian Idlib

    The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov believes that U.S. President Donald Trump’s call to prevent attacks in the Syrian province of Idlib is a manifestation of a "noncomprehensive approach" to assessing the situation in the region.

    "The situation in Idlib continues to be a topic of special concern in Moscow, Damascus, Ankara and Tehran. A nest of terrorism was formed there [in Idlib], "Peskov told journalists.

    He commented on the statement of the American leader, who …

  • Syria confirms preparation of an offensive in the Idlib province

    Syrian government forces are preparing a large-scale attack on insurgents in the province of Idlib, said the Minister of Foreign Affair of Syria, Walid al-Muallem, on August 30th after a conversation with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.

    According to him, the Syrian military “will make their way through Idlib,” and “the main objective” of the upcoming operation will be the Al-Nusra Front, which at a time had ties with Al-Qaeda.

    The province of Idlib is the last of the de- …

  • Russia to conduct extensive naval maneuvers in Mediterranean

    Russia has been expanding its military presence in the eastern Mediterranean ahead of Syrian government forces’ expected offensive on the final rebel and jihadist stronghold in Syria, the Idlib Governorate. From 1 to 8 September, the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean will carry out drills involving 25 ships and around 30 Aerospace Forces aircraft, the Russian Defense Ministry announced.

    The exercise will focus on a range of tasks relating to anti-air and anti-submarine defense, as well as …

  • Russia conducts air strikes in Northern Syria near Turkish border

    Russian warplanes carried out a massive attack in the southwest of the Syrian Idlib province, Al-Masdar news outlet reports .

    According to Al-Masdar, Russian aircraft attacked rebel-held territories near the city of Jisr al-Shughur along the Turkish border. The Russian military also launched several ballistic missiles at Jisr al-Shughur and the northern part of the Al-Ghab Plain.

    The strikes were carried out after the recent drone attack on Russian Khmeimim airbase on June 30.  According to …

  • Media: Pilot of Russian Su-25 fighter shot down in Syria was from Crimea

    The pilot of the Russian Su-25 fighter that was shot down on Saturday over northern Syria was a former Ukrainian pilot from Simferopol, Major Roman Filippov, Novaya Gazeta reported with reference to a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

    The newspaper notes that a letter was published on the Telegram channel WarObserver containing a photograph of a report stating that Major Roman Filippov is being given a state award for carrying out combat missions in Syria.

    The letter was supposedly …

  • Russian warplane shot down in Syria

    Russian Su-25 was shot shot down near the town of Saraqib in eastern Idlib. Militants of Jaish al-Nasr posted a video showing the plane being hit by a missile. The video shows that the right engine of the aircraft caught fire. The pilot catapulted.

    There are unconfirmed reports that the pilot has been executed shortly after being captured. The plane was allegedly shot down by a Russian-made Igla portable missile system.

    The Su-25 aircraft was caring out airstrikes on positions of opposition …

  • Turkey called on Russia to stop Assad’s offensive in Idlib

    Turkey urged Russia and Iran to influence Syrian President Bashar Assad to stop the offensive in the province of Idlib. Ankara is worried that the fighting may lead to a new flow of refugees across its southern border, as expressed by Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Turkish Foreign Minister, on Wednesday, January 10th in an interview with Anadolu.

    According to Çavuşoğlu, the offensive in Idlib contradicts joint agreements on the establishment of a de-escalation zone in the only province of Syria that …

  • Lavrov calls possible cooperation with US on Idlib 'unproductive'

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated at a press conference in Vienna on Friday on the results of his participation in the meeting of the 2017 OSCE Ministerial Council that Moscow and Washington are not planning cooperation in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.

    "Idlib remains a difficult situation, and we, above all, together with our Turkish, Iranian (as Russia, Turkey and Iran are the guarantors of the ceasefire in Syria) and Syrian colleagues, are working to launch …

  • Syria demands that Turkish troops leave Idlib

    The Syrian authorities demanded that Turkey immediately withdraw its military units from the north of the country, reports the Syrian state news agency SANA with a reference to an official source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The Syrian Foreign Ministry states that "the current [Turkish] aggression has nothing to do with the Astana arrangements between the guarantor countries", SANA reports.

    According to Syrian authorities the deployment of Turkish troops in Idlib showed a close …

  • Turkish Foreign Minister: Russian and Syrian airstrikes on Idlib should not be ignored

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, commenting on the situation in Syria and Idlib, said that it is necessary to ensure the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, and one should not turn a blind eye to the airstrikes carried out by Syrian and Russian aircraft, reported Anadolu news agency.

    According to him, Idlib is a key region in terms of preventing armed conflicts in Syria. The minister also mentioned that during the Inter-Syrian talks in Astana, the decision was made to …