Kremlin responds to Trump's call to stop military operation in Syrian Idlib

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov believes that U.S. President Donald Trump’s call to prevent attacks in the Syrian province of Idlib is a manifestation of a "noncomprehensive approach" to assessing the situation in the region.

"The situation in Idlib continues to be a topic of special concern in Moscow, Damascus, Ankara and Tehran. A nest of terrorism was formed there [in Idlib], "Peskov told journalists.

He commented on the statement of the American leader, who urged to refrain from the Syrian army military operations in this province.

"Of course, it is necessary to deal with this problem. We know that the Syrian Armed Forces are preparing to solve this problem. However, to act with some warnings, not paying attention to a very dangerous negative potential for the entire situation in Syria is probably a noncomprehensive approach, “said Peskov. According to Peskov, a large group of terrorists is "settled in Idlib".

Earlier, Trump called on the government troops of Syria, as well as Iran and Russia to abandon the military actions in Idlib in order to avoid the humanitarian disaster.

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