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  • Georgia receives American Javelin anti-tank missile systems

    Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria stated that Georgia has received a batch of American Javelin anti-tank missile systems Javelin, Georgia Online reported.

    "We have already fully purchased the Javelin system, and it has been delivered to Georgia," Izoria said during a speech in parliament.

    According to him, the government allocated 23 million lari this year. A similar amount was allocated to the United States for the repair and modernization of helicopters. "This is approximately 50 …

  • Ukrainian military intelligence: Russia intends to further destabilize Europe

    Ukrainian military intelligence has provided the US intelligence community with proof that Russia intends to further destabilize the situation in Ukraine and Europe, announced the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR MOU) following a visit by its chief Vasyl Burba to the US.

    “During talks with Robert Ashley, Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, the leaders of the CIA and the leaders of the US intelligence community, HUR MOU Head Colonel-General …

  • Ukrainian President Poroshenko: American Javelin anti-tank systems have changed situation in Donbas

    By 2020, the Ukrainian army will fully transition to NATO standards, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said during a meeting with residents of Zdolbuniv in the Rivne province, the presidential press service reported. 

    According to Poroshenko, although it is far weaker than the Russian army, the Ukrainian army is still ready to oppose the enemy. It has also not yet reached the limits of its combat capabilities. An amount in excess of 5% of the country’s GDP is being allocated to the military’ …

  • Ukrainian Ambassador: some MPs interfered with Ukraine's attempts to obtain American weapons

    The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that some Ukrainian MPs interfered with Ukraine’s attempts to obtain American weapons, reports Hromadske.

    “There were cases when representatives of the Ukrainian Parliament interfered with the process of providing weapons to Ukraine. In response to the question asked by Americans “Do you need weapons?”, they would answer “Will you support my faction?” This included people who are now running for President. It harmed the efforts …

  • Pentagon allocates $300 million for production of Javelin anti-tank missile systems for Ukraine

    The Pentagon has allocated about $308 million dollars to manufacture Javelin man-portable, anti-tank missile systems for other countries, including Ukraine, according to the list of contracts concluded by the US Department of Defense.

    The American companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin will manufacture the systems, which will then be given to the armed forces of Australia, Lithuania, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and Estonia. The work will be carried out in Arizona until the end of August 2021.

    In 2 …