Ukrainian military intelligence: Russia intends to further destabilize Europe

Ukrainian military intelligence has provided the US intelligence community with proof that Russia intends to further destabilize the situation in Ukraine and Europe, announced the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR MOU) following a visit by its chief Vasyl Burba to the US.

“During talks with Robert Ashley, Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, the leaders of the CIA and the leaders of the US intelligence community, HUR MOU Head Colonel-General Vasyl Burba drew attention to Russia’s aggressive and provocative actions in the occupied territories of Ukraine and in the Azov-Black Sea region,” the report states.

During the meeting Burba also “showed his American colleagues proof of Russia’s further intentions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and in European countries”.

At the end of the Ukrainian delegation’s visit, the US agreed to continue collaborating and to help improve the ability of Ukraine’s military intelligence to oppose Russia’s armed aggression.

The US draft defense budget for 2020 includes $250 million for improving Ukraine’s security, the US Embassy to Ukraine reported. Compared to the budget request for 2019, the presumed assistance amount for Ukraine has been boosted by $50 million, which may be used for lethal weaponry.

General Curtis Scaparrotti, Commander of the US European Command, said recently that he considers it possible that the US will provide Ukraine with new types of weapons, including sniper systems and systems and ammunition for the Navy.

The US has already provided equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ information technology centers – the Rapid Response to Cyber Security Incidents Center, the Operational Control and Monitoring Center of the Joint Operational Headquarters, and the Main Command Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Previously the US sold Ukraine Javelin anti-tank missile systems for $47 million.

US President Donald Trump is requesting $750 billion for the Pentagon’s 2020 budget, 4.7% more than the budget for 2019 ($716 billion).

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