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  • Poroshenko congratulated Macron on his victory in the French presidential election

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has sent written congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his victory in the presidential election in France.

    "The choice of the French people is a clear testament to the triumph of Europe's progressive program of freedom over European nationalism," Poroshenko's press service quotes him as saying.

    The Ukrainian president assured his future French counterpart that Ukraine would remain a reliable partner.

    Poroshenko also expressed his special gratitude to …

  • Macron denied Russian media a presence at his pre-election events

    French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron excludes the possibility of the presence of journalists from Russian state-run media Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik at his pre-election events. A spokesman from the headquarters of the leader of the independent movement "En Marche!" (“Forward!”) announced this on Friday, April 28.  

    According to the spokesman, the reason for this decision is that the Kremlin-funded television channel and the news agency disseminate "false information" about the …

  • French authorities accuse Russia of conducting a cyber-campaign against Macron

    French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault suspects Russia of conducting hacker attacks directed at the e-mail of Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron. In an interview with Journal du Dimanche, Ayrault said that "France will not allow its choice to be dictated."

    According to him, Macron, who is the "pro-European candidate" is being subjected to cyber-attacks. "Just look at the other candidates, Marine Le Pen or François Fillon. Russia gives them preferential treatment in the French …