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  • PACE deprives Ukraine of seats in the committee responsible for sanctions against Russia

    The Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe or PACE amended the rules for the formation of committees, effectively removing Ukraine from the committee responsible for lifting sanctions imposed by PACE against Russia, reported the correspondent of the Ukrainian news agency Evropeiska Pravda from Strasbourg.

    According to the new rules, there can be no more than two representatives of each Member State in the regulating committee and the committee on the election of judges …

  • Kyiv: There are no Ukrainian Ambassadors in nine countries

    There are no Ukrainian Ambassadors in nine foreign countries, stated the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to a request from Ukrainski Novyny. "As of today, nine Embassies of Ukraine are headed by Charge d’affaires," the Ministry replied. 

    Since 2009, Ukraine has not had an Ambassador in Ethiopia. Since 2014 it has not had one in Cuba and Montenegro. Since 2015, it has not had one in Ireland. Ambassadors to Latvia and Croatia have not been appointed for two years. The positions …

  • Klimkin on Ukraine’s presidential elections: there will be no voting in Russia for security reasons

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin stated that polling stations in Russia would not open at the suggestion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    According to him, the main reason for this decision is the issue of security.

    “We believe that holding free and fair elections in the territory of the aggressor country is impossible, devoid of political and legal meaning, and for those who decide to participate in them, it is simply dangerous,” wrote Klimkin in a column in the Ukrainska …

  • Ukraine informs International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea about Russia's actions in the Sea of Azov

    The press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Ukraine has notified the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, which considers the lawsuit against Russia regarding its actions in the Sea of Azov, about the detention of Ukrainian navy ships and their crew.

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that recent events, "including the attack and seizure of Ukrainian ships, show that this is a deliberate and purposeful escalation of conflict by the …

  • Kyiv expresses protest against Hungarian Prime Minister's anti-Ukrainian statements

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its protest to Laszlo Pap, the Chargé d’affaires of Hungary to Ukraine against Budapest’s “unfriendly steps” towards Ukraine, as reported on the Ministry’s website.

    "Despite Ukraine’s constructive approach to resolve existing issues, Hungary's recent actions indicate a choice of confrontation instead of cooperation, and direct interference in Ukraine's internal affairs,” the statement reads.

    The unacceptability of recent statements by the …

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign affairs asked residents to report incorrect image of Crimea on maps

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is again asking citizens to inform them when the "incorrect image" of the Crimea is found on world maps. The Ministry launched the second stage of the project "Crimea on the World Map," dedicated to navigation systems and products, as noted on the official website of the Foreign Ministry.

    The project was launched in late 2015. The Foreign Ministry emphasizes that during this time, there have been many instances to "correct the wrong representation of …