Kyiv expresses protest against Hungarian Prime Minister's anti-Ukrainian statements

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its protest to Laszlo Pap, the Chargé d’affaires of Hungary to Ukraine against Budapest’s “unfriendly steps” towards Ukraine, as reported on the Ministry’s website.

"Despite Ukraine’s constructive approach to resolve existing issues, Hungary's recent actions indicate a choice of confrontation instead of cooperation, and direct interference in Ukraine's internal affairs,” the statement reads.

The unacceptability of recent statements by the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban regarding Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations did not chime with European Union policy. The Ministry claimed that the statements largely reflect the approach of a country-aggressor.

"The Hungarian diplomat was handed a note requesting to give official explanations in connection with the decision of the Hungarian government to create the post of Commissioner of the Minister, responsible for the development of the Transcarpathian region and the development the daycare program in Transcarpathia, since the responsibility of the above position applies to the sovereign territory of Ukraine," the Ministry stated.

In late July, Prime Minister Orban stated that he did not believe that Ukraine’s aspirations to join the EU and NATO were realistic.

The conflict between Ukraine and Hungary has been ongoing since autumn 2017 due to the content of Ukraine’s new Law on Education. Budapest believes that it infringes the rights of Transcarpathian Hungarians and, as a result, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary started to block Ukraine’s participation in NATO activities.

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