Kyiv: There are no Ukrainian Ambassadors in nine countries

There are no Ukrainian Ambassadors in nine foreign countries, stated the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to a request from Ukrainski Novyny. "As of today, nine Embassies of Ukraine are headed by Charge d’affaires," the Ministry replied. 

Since 2009, Ukraine has not had an Ambassador in Ethiopia. Since 2014 it has not had one in Cuba and Montenegro. Since 2015, it has not had one in Ireland. Ambassadors to Latvia and Croatia have not been appointed for two years. The positions of Ambassadors in Tajikistan and Azerbaijan became vacant in autumn 2018. 

There has also been no Ukrainian Ambassador in Russia since December 2015 but no appointment to that post has been planned. 

Ambassadors in foreign countries are appointed and dismissed by the President at the proposal of the Foreign Minister and the relevant decrees of the President are signed by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. 

When asked whether the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin proposed to President Petro Poroshenko the appointment of Ambassadors in the named countries, the Foreign Minister did not answer. 

The Foreign Ministry noted that candidates are selected and agreed upon with the President. According to the Ministry, agreements of the receiving countries are expected, and decrees of the President are currently being prepared for all positions except the Ambassador in Russia. The Foreign Ministry also added that currently, agreements for several ambassadors are expected.

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