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  • Media: Zakarchenko was killed because he failed to please Moscow

    Recently Moscow has been blatantly dissatisfied with the “government” of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), but most of the admonitions have been directed at its ringleader, Alexander Zakharchenko, and his right hand man, Alexander Timofeev “Tashkent”.

    Among other things, the bosses in Moscow gave Zakharchenko an ultimatum: to disband all his armed groups and to hand over their weapons to the Russian army, something he categorically refused to do. After all, he himself had led such a group, …

  • Putin invites Trump to Moscow

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he is ready to meet with Donald Trump both in Washington and in Moscow. The Russian side has already invited the American leader to Moscow, said Putin at a press conference in Johannesburg, at the press conference after the BRICS summit.

    “We are ready to invite President Trump to Moscow. By the way, he already has received an invitation from us. I told him so. I am ready to go to Washington if appropriate conditions will be established for work,” …

  • Media: Moscow residents were offered money to attend pro-Putin rally

    Echo of Moscow news agency reports that Moscow residents have been offered money in exchange for participating in a rally-concert in support of incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the agency’s journalists, advertisements appeared on a specialized site typically used to recruit extras. Those who chose to participate in the rally were offered 500 rubles ($9 USD). It is noted that many individuals have already responded to the proposal.

    Two of them even explained why. "I am a …

  • Russia commented on Boris Johnson's cancelled Moscow trip

    The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova claimed that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave an absurd reason for canceling his visit to Moscow.

    Zakharova noted that the cancellation of the visit happened “right after it was rescheduled.” She stressed that the reasons the British were changing their reasons for the cancellation, reported TASS news agency.

    “It seems that our Western colleagues are living in their own reality in which they first coherently make …

  • Media: Russian authorities paid for attendance at a rally commemorating the Crimean annexation

    On Saturday March 18, a rally concert was held in Moscow, dedicated to the third anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine. According the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was attended by around 150 000 people.

    According to the Russian newspaper “Meduza”, attendance at the rally was remunerated. Willing attendees were gathered through the website, where each person was promised 300 rubles for attending.

    “The group members, acting as representatives of the ‘Independent …

  • Five employees of pro-democracy organization Open Russia detained in Moscow

    Five employees of the pro-democracy organization Open Russia were detained on Friday night. According to the advocacy group’s human rights manager, Pauline Nemirovskaya, the two vehicle carrying the employees were pulled over by Moscow police shortly after leaving the office.

    Dozhd reported that police officers declared that the cars were wanted, and six people (five employees and one driver) were taken to the Basmanny police station.

    Shortly after, lawyer Sergei Badamshin attempted to enter …

  • Ukraine may File Counterclaim against Moscow over $3 Billion Debt

    Ukraine may be able to prove in court that the country cannot pay the debt owed to Russia due to ongoing attacks.

    According to an attorney, Kiev may even make a counterclaim against Russia. Ukraine may not only be able to overturn the $3 billion debt owed to Russia, which was borrowed by the government of the former president, Victor Yanukovch; but the country may make a counterclaim against Moscow due to the destruction and loss created during the military invasions in Crimea and the Donbas. …