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  • Russian Energy Minister: No more Russian-Ukrainian-EU format gas talks planned until the end of the year

    There will be no trilateral gas talks in the Ukraine- Russia- EU format for the supply and transit of Russian gas until the end of the year.

    This was announced on Saturday by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, as Interfax reports.

    The resumption of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, which stopped in the fall of 2015, now depends only on Naftogaz’s prepayment.

    "If the money is paid, the supply will resume. We have no dispute over the price, they have no debt. No …

  • Ukraine accused Gazprom of preparing a gas crisis

    Ukraine's Naftogaz believes that Russian Gazprom is preparing a new gas crisis in January and February 2017, as stated by the Ukrainian company's press-service.

    Earlier, Ukraine imposed a fine of 172 billion hryvnia on Gazprom. In turn, Miscow said that Kyiv may collect the fine by withdrawing gas. By doing so, the risk of disrupting the gas transit to the EU through Ukrainian territory is possible, the Russian company claims.

    "Naftogaz of Ukraine considers the statements of Gazprom about the …

  • Negotiations between Ukraine's Naftogaz and Russia’s Gazprom on gas delivery to Ukraine fail

    The agreement  on the supplement contract between Naftogaz of Ukraine and Russia’s Gazprom could not be reached by the tripartite group with the participation of the representatives of the  European Commission, as stated by the head of Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolev, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    "Unfortunately, the agreement could not be reached today. We hope that this can be done in future, but today we were not able to sign the supplementary agreement. Without it, the purchase of Russian gas under …

  • Naftogaz warns about a possible rise in price of gas transit by $4 billion per year

    Gazprom’s price for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine may grow by 4 billion dollars a year should Ukraine succeed in the Stockholm arbitration, and be granted the amendment to the contract with Gazprom to adhere to European norms, as was posted on Facebook by the Commercial Director of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, on November 19th.

    Reiterating Ukraine’s position prior to the hearings in Stockholm which were scheduled for November 21st, Vitrenko also indicated that Gazprom will …

  • Poroshenko: Moscow asked Ukraine to buy Russian gas

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that in the spring, Russia asked Ukraine to buy its gas. However, Kyiv refused.

    "All talks about there being rolling blackouts in winter, about Ukraine being left without heating and coal, about Ukrainians not having enough gas in their underground storage facilities, have stopped. We, in spite of the war, have built an economically strong and independent state,” he said on Wednesday during his working visit to Lviv.

    “I was pleased when the Russians …

  • Ukraine has begun extracting shale gas

    The chief executive officer of Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolyev, stated in his interview with Bloomberg that the Ukrgasdobycha, a subsidiary of Ukraine’s Naftogaz, began extracting shale gas using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in October 2016.

    According to him, the drilling of the first well was performed in cooperation with European partners. Kobolyev didn’t specify the names of these companies or the location where the well will be drilled.

    The chief executive …

  • Ukraine's Naftogaz files lawsuit against Russia seeking $2.6 billion for Crimean assets

    The National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine and its 6 subsidiaries initiated arbitral proceedings against the Russian Federation on October 17th claiming damages caused by the illegal takeover of assets in the Crimea, as reported by the press-service of the company.

    Naftogaz initiated the proceedings in accordance with the agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Russian Federation on the promotion and mutual protection of capital investments, …

  • CEO of Naftogaz: Ukraine will buy gas from Russia only if Gazprom offers a reasonable price

    CEO of the Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolyev, stated that the Ukrainian side is ready to buy gas from Russian Gazprom only if it offers a reasonable price.

    “Our offer extends to all companies, including Gazprom, only if it is ready to offer a reasonable price and abide by the rules.” Kobolyev’s words were quoted by Naftogaz on the air of the BBC TV program Hard Talk.

    According to him, currently Naftogaz is buying fuel from 14 European suppliers.

    “The very fact that …

  • Naftogaz of Ukraine purchases gas from the EU at a lower price than from Russia

    Yuriy Vitrenko, the Director of Business Development at Naftogaz of Ukraine, reported on Facebook that the company is buying gas from the European Union at a lower price than from Russian gas giant Gazprom.

    “Now the price of European gas is already significantly lower than the $185 per thousand cubic meters charged by Gazprom,” he noted.

    The press-service of Naftogaz, a national joint-stock company of Ukraine, reported that the contract price announced by Gazprom for Ukraine for the third …

  • Naftogaz believes their chances of beating Gazprom in Stockholm court are high

    Director for Business Development at the national joint-stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko stated that Ukraine has a good chance of obtaining a positive decision for their claim against Gazprom in the Stockholm Arbitration Court.

    “In short, we are in the home stretch. Trials will start in the next few months. Our position is very firm, as demonstrated by the fact that, in particular, even Putin had to change his favorite statement about Gazprom: that since 2020 they will not need …