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  • MH17 trial resumes in the Netherlands

    On Monday, June 8, the court hearings in the case of the flight MH17 downed over the Donbas have resumed in the Netherlands.

    "As planned, the criminal case of MH17 will resume on Monday, June 8. However, due to the current coronavirus and relevant national guidelines, the court hearing block has been amended to allow a limited number of people to attend the courtroom at Schiphol Judicial Complex. Naturally, everyone can follow the hearings live," the court said in a statement.

    In addition to …

  • Kyiv wants to send recorded interview with Girkin to International Criminal Court

    The Office of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General plans to transfer the obteined evidence of war crimes committed by the former DPR Defense Minister,Igor Girkin (Strelkov), to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Among the evidence will be a video recorded interview of Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon with Igor Girkin, reports Ukrainian news outlet with reference to a source in the Office of the Prosecutor General.

    "The Office of the Prosecutor General plans …

  • Dutch politician who opposed Ukraine's agreement with the EU accused of having ties with Russia

    Thierry Baudet, the leader of the Dutch far-right Forum for Democracy party, which initiated the referendum on the signing of the Association Agreement with Ukraine, admitted to contacts with Russia.

    The investigative website of Zembla and radio station De Nieuws BV published Baudet 's correspondence on the WhatsApp messenger from 2016, Radio Liberty reports.

    In messages sent four years ago, Baudet speaks about his contacts with Vladimir Kornilov, whom Baudet himself described as a "Russian …

  • MH17 crash trial: Russian special services were near Buk missile launcher when airliner was shot down

    Russian special services, presumably the FSB, were near the Buk missile launcher, from which the Boeing MH17 was shot down over the Donbas, said Dutch prosecutor Dedy Woei-a-Tsoi at the court hearing in the case of the Boeing MH17 air disaster, RIA Novosti reports.

    The prosecutor referred to a witness who was classified under the code name M58. Presumably, he is a former fighter of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. According to the witness, the Buk crew spoke "with a Russian …

  • MH17 defendants face life in prison

    The maximum penalty for the defendants in the case of the crash of Malaysian Boeing MH17 in the Donbass in July 2014 is life imprisonment, said the representative of the Dutch prosecutor's office, Digna van Butzelar, as quoted by UNN news agency.

    The four suspects are charged with two counts: the downing of flight MH17, which resulted in the deaths of all persons on board (Article 168 of the Netherlands Criminal Code), and the murder of 298 people on board flight MH17 (Article 289 of the …

  • MH17 trial: Two Buk missile systems were sent from Russia to Ukraine

    During the first court hearing in the Netherlands in the case of the MH17 air crash in the Donbas, the prosecution stated that at least two Buk anti-aircraft missile systems were sent to Ukraine from Russia in 2014, but one of them broke down on the way, BBC Russian Service reports.

    In 2018, analysts from the Bellingcat investigative group stated that the delivery of the Buk, which was used to shoot down the Malaysian Boeing, was overseen by Oleg Ivannikov, an officer of the Russian GRU (The …

  • MH17 case: Dutch prosecutors classify identities of 13 witnesses due to safety threats

    The identities of 13 witnesses in the case concerning the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 catastrophe will be kept secret on account of threats to their safety, NOS reports. According to the documents from the Netherlands Public Prosecution Office cited by the news outlet, the health and life of the witnesses are at a “significant risk”.

    However, the motion to classify the identity of another witness was rejected by the investigative judge, citing the impossibility of guaranteeing his anonymity. …

  • Ukraine suspends prosecutors investigating MH17 case

    All of the Ukrainian prosecutors who had been investigating the MH17 catastrophe have been suspended from work as part of departmental reforms, the Dutch newspaper NRC Next reports, citing one of the dismissed prosecutors.

    A total of six prosecutors were involved in the investigation on Ukraine’s behalf, two of them as part of the Joint Investigation Team. In recent months, the JIT has not had a single participant from Ukraine.

    Commenting on the dismissal of the prosecutors, Ukrainian Foreign …

  • Dutch prosecutors indict four MH17 case defendants

    The Dutch Public Prosecution Service has brought charges against four defendants in the case concerning the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that was shot down over eastern Ukraine in 2014, TASS reports, citing Yelena Kutina, the attorney of one of the defendants. The four defendants have been summoned for investigative action.

    The international Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) four suspects are: Oleg “Caliph” Pulatov, Igor “Strelkov” Girkin, Sergey “Gloomy” Dubinsky and Leonid “Mole” …

  • Dutch MPs stage boycott of Russia

    Dutch MPs have refused to travel to Russia after the country denied entry to one of their colleagues, reports

    Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, a member of the Democrats 66 party known for his criticism of the Kremlin regime, was denied entry to Russia.

    In solidarity with Sjoerdsma, members of the Foreign Affairs Committee decided to cancel their visit to Russia, which was slated for February. The committee was unanimously of the opinion that Russia has no right to interfere with the composition of …