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  • Israeli warplanes bomb Syrian troops near Palmyra

    Israeli combat aircraft, successfully bypassing the Syrian S-300 Russian S-400 air defense systems, managed to break into the central and northern part of Homs province and attack at least three populated areas. The reason for the attack remains unknown, however, neither the Syrian nor the Russian military was able to detect the attack in advance. The Syrian air defense systems were activated only after the first wave of the air strikes.

    The areas near the settlements as Al-Sukhnah, Al ' …

  • Russian troops assault Syrian soldiers in Palmyra

    Russian troops violently assaulted several Syrian soldiers over the course of 15 minutes in the Syrian city of Palmyra, the Syrian news outlet Soshals reports, citing the local newspaper Jorf News.

    Jorf News wrote that the Syrian troops were rendering “various personal services” to the Russian soldiers, citing a leaked report given by the commander of the battalion to which the soldiers belonged. The source stated that “personnel of the republican guard were subjected to a cruel beating over a …

  • Media provides details about deaths of Russian officers in Syria

    The location of the Russian major and two colonels who were killed in Syria may have been given out to the militants by the former Islamic State fighters or pro-Iranian units, reports Novaya Gazeta.

    Several days ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported deaths of three military in Syria as a result of militants’ attack at the end of February. Kremlin did not disclose any details of what happened.

    According to Novaya Gazeta, victims were a major and two colonels. They drove in a UAZ …

  • Syria to involve Russia in construction of railway to Iraq

    Russian companies will take part in the restoration of the railway network in Syria, as well as the construction of a new branch that will stretch across the entire country, stated the chief of the Damascus branch of the Syrian Railways (SZD), Radvan Tikriti, reported RIA Novosti. 

    “The SZD goal is to restore connections between the provinces, as well as link them with neighboring countries, bringing routes to the border with Iraq and in the future to the border with Turkey. Plan also includes …

  • Syria invites Russia to build railway to Palmyra deposits

    During a bilateral meeting of Syrian and Russian diplomats and officials which took place last week in Sochi as part of the Syrian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission, Syria approached Russian Railways (RZD) and other Russian companies with several projects to develop Syria’s transport infrastructure, as stated by Najib Faris, director of Syria’s railway department, RBC news agency reports.

    “We offered the company RZD a project to reestablish the railway traffic line from Tartus, through Homs, …

  • Media: Russia understated its losses in fighting for Palmyra

    The number of dead Russian soldiers fighting in Syria and directly participating in the battles for Palmyra highly exceeds official data that was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    According to Reuters, Russian soldiers suffered 21 casualties while the military department confirms the death of only five people.

    Reuters emphasized the period from January 29 of this year to the end of March. During this time, the agency stresses, the official losses of the Russian army in the fighting …

  • Russia and Syria to make a joint movie entitled 'Palmyra'

    Russia and Syria will collaborate on a movie, Palmyra, about native of Dagestan who travels to the Middle East to save his family. The production agreement will be signed in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation between Proline Media and Shanghaf on Monday, April 17th as reported by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

    As emphasized in the message, Palmyra will be the first picture jointly produced by the two countries.

    The main character of the movie is a doctor …

  • Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons Israeli Ambassador after bombing in Syria

    Israeli ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren was summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the incident involving Israel’s air attack on targets near the Syrian city of Palmyra.

    This was reported by Interfax in reference to the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation and Special Representative for the President to the Middle East and African Countries Mikhail Bogdanov.

    “Yes, he was asked about it,” said Bogdanov in answer to a question about whether the head of the …

  • Media: Russian general seriously wounded in Palmyra

    Russian Major-General Petr Milyukhin is the first Russian general who was wounded in Syria. He has lost both legs and his eyes.

    Milyukhin was seriously injured during the battle for the Syrian city of Palmyra, after which he was taken to the Main Military Clinical Hospital (named after NN Burdenko), which is located in Moscow.

    The newspaper Fontanka broke the story, citing a source at the hospital.

    It is reported that Major-General Peter Milyukhin was injured about a week ago when a mine …

  • Russia's Defense Ministry orders thousands of medals for personnel involved in Syria operation

    The Russian Defense Ministry has announced a tendering process for the purchase of more than twenty thousand medals for those participating in military operations in Syria.

    According to information provided on the procurement website, the agency will spend up to 45 million rubles on the medals. Twenty thousand medals will be awarded to "participants of the military operation in Syria," while another fifty medals will be given "for the liberation of Palmyra" and an additional fifty "for the …