Israeli warplanes bomb Syrian troops near Palmyra

Israeli combat aircraft, successfully bypassing the Syrian S-300 Russian S-400 air defense systems, managed to break into the central and northern part of Homs province and attack at least three populated areas. The reason for the attack remains unknown, however, neither the Syrian nor the Russian military was able to detect the attack in advance. The Syrian air defense systems were activated only after the first wave of the air strikes.

The areas near the settlements as Al-Sukhnah, Al 'Amiriyah and Al-Talilah have been attacked. All of these Syrian positions are located in close proximity to the Syrian city of Palmyra, where Russian troops and the mercenaries have also recently been spotted.

The Russian news outlet reports that the Israeli fighter jets entered Syrian airspace from the east. However, the Israeli warplanes were not detected by either Syrian S-300 or Russian S-400 air defense systems, raising questions as to whether these air defense systems are capable of operating at such long distances. 

According to the Lebanese news outlet Al-Masdar news, the Syrian air defense systems were able to down some of the missiles, while a few others managed to hit their intended targets near the city of Palmyra.

The source from the Syrian military said the missiles were first thought to be from an American aircraft, but it was later found out that they were fired from Israeli warplane that was over Lebanese airspace at that time.

As many as three soldiers were reportedly killed as a result of the attack.

Al-Masdar news reported that the Israeli attack was carried out in two waves, with the first attack being the most powerful.

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