Media provides details about deaths of Russian officers in Syria

The location of the Russian major and two colonels who were killed in Syria may have been given out to the militants by the former Islamic State fighters or pro-Iranian units, reports Novaya Gazeta.

Several days ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported deaths of three military in Syria as a result of militants’ attack at the end of February. Kremlin did not disclose any details of what happened.

According to Novaya Gazeta, victims were a major and two colonels. They drove in a UAZ vehicle, accompanied by a convoy of eight vehicles in the direction of Palmyra, in order to choose a place to set up an observation point near one of the oil fields.

 Later, the UAZ vehicle for some reason strayed from the convoy and was ambushed around 40 kilometers from the village of Al-Mayadin.

During the shooting, the major and the translator were killed. The colonels died a few hours later.

According to the newspaper, terrorists could have learned about the convoy’s route in the desert from militants who had previously fought on the side of ISIL and then joined the government troops, or from pro-Iranian units deployed in Al Mayadin.

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