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  • Polish diaspora in the US calls on Obama to strengthen military presence in Poland

    Americans of Polish descent held a rally near the White House in Washington on the 11th of June, calling on the US government to strengthen the presence of US troops in Poland and in the Baltic countries.

    According to the organizers, 150 to 300 people attended the rally. They came from several states including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. The demonstrators held both US and Polish flags, as well as banners that said “We demand a full NATO brigade in Poland” and “A …

  • Financial Times: Poland and the Baltic States plan to create a regional air defense system

    The Minister of National Defense of Lithuania, Juozas Olekas, stated in an interview with the Financial Times that Poland and the Baltic States are negotiating the creation of a regional air defense system for protection from Russia.

    According to Olekas, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are discussing this initiative in response to the strengthening of Russian military forces in Kaliningrad and on the western borders.

    Such an air defense system is expected be commissioned in two to three …

  • Polish President: NATO Summit will provide an opportunity to strengthen the Alliance's eastern flank

    The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, expects that the NATO summit in Warsaw will create an opportunity to strengthen the eastern flank of the Alliance. The head of the Polish State said stressed on the 10th of June during his speech at the University of Copenhagen that NATO can’t hesitate in making this decision.

    “The deployment of NATO forces in Poland and the Baltic countries is a guarantee of safety for this part of Europe and if we look at historical maps then we can freely say that …

  • Report on crimes in the Donbas region was presented in the Polish Sejm

    On Wednesday, a report about Russian crimes in Donbas in 2014 was presented in the Lower House of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. The report was based on over 60 interviews of prisoners, conducted by Ukrainian and Polish volunteers. UKRINFORM reports that the document was presented by the Deputy Head of the Sejm Commission for Foreign Affairs and one of the initiators of its creation, Małgorzata Gosiewska.

    "I hope that criminals will be punished as the war crimes have no statute of …

  • Ukrainian Naval cadets to train with Polish Navy

    Cadets from the Faculty of Naval Forces of the Ukrainian National University, Odessa Maritime Academy, have started an internship aboard a Polish Naval training ship, Radio Svoboda reported with reference to a statement issued by the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    "The internship, the purpose of which is to train future naval officers in specialty skills, runs until the end of July this year. As planned, in accordance with the route, Ukrainian cadets will travel together with …

  • Four Russian inspectors observe NATO exercises in Poland

    Four Russian inspectors are observing the Anakonda 2016 international military exercise, which will continue in Poland until June 17, 2016. This was reported by Radio Polsha with reference to information disseminated by the Polish Ministry of Defense.

    According to the Defense Ministry, in the period from June 6 to 9, 2016, four inspectors from the Russian Federation will check the region where the exercises are held. The district selected for audit by the Russians is located in northwestern …

  • Polish Defense Minister: Russia asked for journalists who covered Smolensk plane crash to be 'dealt with'

    The Polish Minister of National Defence, Anthony Macierewicz, said that the Russian Federation asked the Former Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, to "deal" with the journalists who reported on the Smolensk disaster, stating that it was an assassination attempt, as Radio Poland reports.

    "According to the report as well as the reports of the investigative groups and ambassadors, Russia demanded that both the parliamentary groups and journalists who said that the Smolensk disaster was an  …

  • Polish customs control introduces stronger measures at Russian border crossings

    Polish customs officers introduced enhanced control measures on the border with Russia, reported. The measures affected people crossing the Russian-Polish border. As a result, delays can be expected at checkpoints. These changes by the Polish customs officers is related to the NATO Summit and World Youth Day being held in Poland in the near future.

    As Interfax reported, citing local residents, long queues at the border have become the norm. According to a representative of the Agency, …

  • Volunteer army will be formed in Poland to combat Russian threat

    Poland will establish a volunteer army detachment to help prevent threats from Russia, Spiegel Online reports referring to the Foreign Ministry official responsible for paramilitary groups, Grzegorz Kwasniak.

    According to an official, the goal of establishing the new group is to prepare for a possible hybrid war, like the one Russia is waging against Ukraine.

    It is expected that the establishment of a paramilitary group will begin in September. It will consist of 35,000 volunteers that will …

  • Poland to participate in NATO airspace patrols over Bulgaria and Romania

    Polish fighters will take part in NATO's air patrol mission over Bulgaria and Romania, as stated by the Deputy Defense Minister of Poland, Tomasz Shatkovsky, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported.

    According to Shatkovsky, by participating in the Alliance’s airspace patrol over the Balkans, Warsaw wants to show that Poland is concerned not only about their own safety, but that of all NATO member states.

    As the Deputy Defense Minister explained, NATO’s mission over Romania and Bulgaria will take place …