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  • Russian defense conglomerate Rostec caught reselling Chinese drones bought on AliExpress as original Russian military tech

    The Russian defense conglomerate Rostec is once again attempting to pass off equipment bought on AliExpress as its own development which “has no equivalents in the world," reports the  Russian news outlet The Moscow Times.

    The incident involves the "Clean freak" anti-drone system, which was recently showcased to the public at a conference in Moscow by the Russian Research Institute "Cyclone," a part of Rostec. Alexey Kravchenko, the director of the institute, praised the alleged invention and …

  • Russian government proposes to let Putin control all defense transactions

    The Russian government has submitted to the State Duma a bill that expands the powers of the Russian president and introduces mandatory coordination with him of all transactions with shares of defense companies.

    A special requirement to obtain the consent of the President will apply to sale transactions, the possibility of sale or transfer to trusts of shares (shares in the authorized capital) of "organizations of strategic importance for the military-industrial complex and security of the …

  • Ventilators that caused deadly fires in Russian hospitals were produced by major Russian defense conglomerate

    The ventilators that caused fires at the Spasokukotsky hospital in Moscow and St. George hospital in St. Petersburg were manufactured at the Ural instrument plant which is a subsidiary of the Russian defense conglomerate Rostec, reported TASS citing sources in law enforcement agencies.

    "According to the data, the ventilator that caught fire today was produced at the Ural instrument-building plant. The ventilator that burnt down in Moscow was also produced at the same plant," the source said. …

  • Russia develops hypersonic missile for its new Su-57 fighter jet

    Russian defense companies have developed a small hypersonic missile for the Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighter, reported TASS, citing sources in the defense industry.

    According to one of the agency's interlocutors, it is an air-to-surface missile which will be loaded inside the fighter. A second source confirmed that the missile is being developed but clarified that it had not yet been tested with the launcher. The agency's interlocutors have not provided the characteristics of the new …

  • Top manager of Russian defense conglomerate Rostec arrested in Italy at US’s request

    Alexander Korshunov, an executive at the United Engine Corporation (UEC), a subsidiary of the Russian state-owned conglomerate Rostec, has been arrested in Naples at the US’s request.

    “We confirm the fact that one of our employees has been detained abroad. We are confident that he was not involved in any illicit activity. The corporation will do everything it can to protect his interests,” the UEC said in a statement as quoted by Interfax news agency.

    Rostec said that Korshunov was being …

  • Huawei to develop a 5G network in Russia

    The Chinese company Huawei and Russian largest mobile operator MTS signed an agreement on the development of 5G technologies and pilot launches of fifth-generation communication networks in Russia in 2019-2020, reports RBC news agency with a reference to a press-service of MTS.

    The agreement was concluded in the Kremlin in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    Two companies plan to introduce 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and …

  • Russia has no plans to withdraw its military experts from Venezuela

    The Wall Street Journal greatly exaggerated the number of Rostec staff present in Venezuela, reported RBC news agency with reference to the press service of the Russian defense conglomarte.

    “The make-up of the representative office has not changed in years,” the press service emphasized.

    The Rostec representative added that some technical experts periodically arrive in the country to repair and maintain equipment. A few days ago, maintenance work was carried out on several aircraft, according …

  • Russia denies possibility of supplying ammunition to the US

    Russian defense concern Corporation Rostec, commenting on the reports about the Pentagon's intention to buy ammunition for Russian weapons, said that the supply of Russian ammunition for the needs of the United States is currently impossible. The ammunition of the Russian production can be delivered to the United States only in the case of lifting the sanctions, reports Interfax with reference to Rostec.

    Earlier, the publication Defence Blog reported that the Pentagon unit plans to purchase …

  • Russia delays production of 'Boeing competitor' due to US sanctions

    Russia has been forced to postpone the serial production of the passenger plane MS-21 due to US sanctions, TASS reports, citing Rostec director Sergey Chemezov. 

    “In connection with the fact that the Americans have stopped the supply of composite materials, we are transitioning to our own composite materials,” he said. As a result, the deadline for launching serial production of the MS-21 has been “shifted slightly” to the end of 2020. Earlier it was expected that the first planes would be …

  • Russia's Rostec reduces its claim against Siemens in Crimean turbines case

    A representative of Russian engineering company Technopromexport, a subsidiary of Rostec filed an application at the arbitration court of Moscow against German conglomerate AG and its two Russian subsidiaries for a fourfold reduction of the amount of claim, reported RIA Novosti.

    “Now, Technopromexport, a minority shareholder of the company Interautomatika demands the recovery of about 46.8 million rubles [or 742 thousand dollars] and 1.4 million for Interautomatika. Initially, a suit was …