Russia denies possibility of supplying ammunition to the US

Russian defense concern Corporation Rostec, commenting on the reports about the Pentagon's intention to buy ammunition for Russian weapons, said that the supply of Russian ammunition for the needs of the United States is currently impossible. The ammunition of the Russian production can be delivered to the United States only in the case of lifting the sanctions, reports Interfax with reference to Rostec.

Earlier, the publication Defence Blog reported that the Pentagon unit plans to purchase ammunition for weapons that NATO doesn't use. In particular, the US government webpage mentions ammunition for Kalashnikov rifles, as well as ammunition for Tokarev and Makarov pistols; PKM, PKT, DShK, and YakB machine guns, are also included in the list.

As Rostec explained to the news agency, rifles and machine guns, mentioned in the list, are Soviet and Russian weapons, which were previously supplied to many countries. These weapons, as well as their replicas, were produced not only in the USSR and Russia but also in other countries. At the same time, the company noted that the US continually buys these types of ammunition. Today these ammunitions can also be purchased in the countries where these types of weapons are made without the Russian license, specified Rostec.

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