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  • Germany shuts down Russia Today TV channel

    The German Commission on Licensing and Supervision (ZAK), has banned Russia Today’s german language channel RT DE from broadcasting in the country. On Wednesday, February 2, the German Federal Media Regulator explained this decision by the fact that RT DE does not have a license to broadcast in Germany, which is necessary in accordance with the law" The Interstate Treaty on Media (Medienstaatsvertrag – MStV) ".

    From February 1, the broadcast and further distribution of any programs of the …

  • German banks refuse to open accounts for Russia Today news agency

    According to RT itself, Ruptly GmbH (RT video agency) and RT DE Productions GmbH (RT's Website in German) received notices on February 26 about the closure of accounts in Сommerzbank from May 31 this year. This happened a month after the announcement of the upcoming launch of Ruptly’s German TV channel scheduled for December 2021.

    Ruptly has sent dozens of requests to other German banks, as well as to European banks with branches in Germany, asking to open an account. But none of them agreed. …

  • Russia Today TV channel excluded from US broadcast networks

    In the US, Russian television channel Russia Today was excluded from broadcasting networks Spectrum and Comcast Chicago, according to the channel’s website.

    The coverage zone of these networks includes most major cities including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and the state of New Jersey.

    On September 1st, the cable television operator Spectrum refused to renew the broadcast agreement with RT. When RT questioned the reason for the decision, the operator responded that with the …

  • Russia Today removed from list of channels aired in Washington, DC

    The service provider broadcasting RT (Russia Today) in Washington has ceased distribution of the channel on its broadcasting grid, said Margarita Simonyan, Editor-in-Chief of international news agencies Russia Today and RT.

    According to Simonyan, this happened because RT was granted the status of Foreign Agent.

    "As the former State Department spokesman [Mark Toner] used to say, ‘Welcome…[to] this exercise in transparency and democracy,’" Simonyan wrote on Facebook.

    The US Congress has been …

  • Russian Embassy in Washington: American special services trying to recruit Russian journalists working in US

    In a statement published on the website of the Russian diplomatic mission, the Russian Embassy in the US has called US demands for Russian media receiving public funding to register as Foreign Agents to be unacceptable. The embassy also noted frequent attempts by foreign special services to recruit Russian journalists.

    The Embassy said that orders for the registrations of RT and RIA Global, a content producing company for Sputnik, "impede the regular work of journalist collectives" and "serve …

  • US orders content producer for Russian Sputnik to register as a Foreign Agent

    RIA Global LLC, a content-producing company that works for the international Russian agency and radio station Sputnik in the United States, has been ordered to register as a Foreign Agent, as stated in an official notification by the US Department of Justice, which was brought to the attention of RIA Novosti.

    The document is dated January 5; the company has 30 days to execute the order. It says that RIA Global LLC "is engaged in political activities in the United States in the interests of the …

  • French public figures call on the media regulator to suspend license of Russia Today TV Channel

    Public figures in France have demanded that the Russian propaganda channel Russia Today halted broadcasting, and that the license given to it be withdrawn. They appealed to the head of the Supreme Council for Audiovisual Resources of France (CSA), Olivier Schrameck, in a corresponding letter,  reported the publication Le Monde.

    "We appeal to you, Mr. Schrameck, with a request for the preservation of civil peace, to suspend the license for broadcasting rights in France issued to Russia Today," …

  • US Congress removes Russia Today’s accreditation after its registration as foreign agent

    US Congress has taken away the press accreditation of Russian TV channel RT (Russia Today) after it registered as a foreign agent, the RT website reports.

    The relevant letter was addressed to Mikhail Solodovnikov, General Manager of RT. “This action was taken in response to the registration of RT Network’s operating company, T&R Productions LLC (T&R) as a foreign agent,” RT cites the letter as saying. The decision is effective immediately. The company T&R Productions LLC, which services RT …

  • Russian Ambassador to the US expressed support for RT TV channel

    Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov has expressed "concern" about the situation regarding RT in the US, and supported the activities of the TV channel in the country, as reported by TASS.

    The diplomat said in an address to the channel’s staff that RT draws "a real picture of what is happening in the world." "I would like to express support for the activities that you are carrying out. We are very worried about what is happening around RT, and we want to assure you that we are with …

  • Putin threatens the US with retaliation over pressure on RT and Sputnik

    The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, called actions by United States authorities against RT and Sputnik Russian TV-channels “an attack on freedom of speech” and threatened retaliatory measures from Moscow, at a press conference following the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, RIA reports.

    “Without a freedom of speech there is no democracy. Clamping down on our mass media in the United States without any doubt is an attack on freedom of speech,” Putin said.

    Currently, members …