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  • Russian Military Analyst: The Russian Navy will not change the balance of forces in Syria

    Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer stated on Radio Krym Realii that Russian warships will not significantly affect the situation in Syria. Commenting on the strengthening of the Russian military group in Syria, Felgenhauer noted that currently the Russian Fleet is struggling for an increase in military expenditures.

    “The Russian Fleet has no direct relationship to the Syrian conflict and there is nothing they can do there because Russian warships aren’t meant for such operations. …

  • Russia to deploy aircraft carrier to Mediterranean Sea

    The only functioning Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, will be deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in the summer of 2016 as reported by TASS citing a high-ranking source in the main command of the Russian Navy.

    As the agency’s representative noted, while in the Mediterranean Sea, the cruiser will head a permanent grouping of the Russian Navy in the region.

    He added that after a trip to the Mediterranean Sea, the Admiral Kuznetsov will be out of service for 2 – 2 ½ years for repairs …