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  • Putin promises to put ships with Kalibr missiles on permanent duty in Mediterranean

    Russian ships equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles will be on combat duty in the Mediterranean, stated by President Vladimir Putin, reported RBC news agency.

    Putin spoke about naval ships with cruise missiles on permanent patrol in the Mediterranean in his opening remarks at a meeting with top officials of the Defense Ministry and defense-industrial companies on Wednesday. The head of state explained that these measures are needed because of the continuing threat from terrorists in Syria.

    “ …

  • Russian Navy conducts drills in Baltic Sea

    The Russian Navy has begun drills in the Baltic Sea which will involve more than 20 military and auxiliary vessels, TASS reported, citing official Russian Navy spokesperson Roman Martov.

    “The strike forces of the Baltic Naval Base – small missile ships and motorboats, minesweepers and various vessels from the auxiliary fleet – carry out missions. In total, the maneuvers will involve more than 20 ships and auxiliary vessels from the fleet,” he said.

    Martov clarified that in the first stage of …

  • Russian Navy commander: Russia will increase its presence in international waters

    The Russian Navy is increasing its presence in the World’s Oceans, according to Vladimir Ivanovich Korolev, the commander-in-chief of the Navy, as stated in an interview with Krasnaya Zvezda, the official newspaper of the Russian military department.

    According to the commander-in-chief, Sergey Shoygu, the Russian Defense Minister, has assigned this task to the fleet. Korolev also claimed, “We will accomplish this task.” He also emphasized that, “of course, there is no need to look for any …

  • Russia scraps world’s largest strategic submarines

    The Severstal and the Arkhangelsk Akula-class submarines (project 941, NATO reporting name: Typhoon), the largest strategic nuclear submarines in the world, are to be turned into scrap metal, reported RIA Novosti with reference to a source in the ship construction sector.

    The USSR built a total of six submarines of this class. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s Navy retained three submarines – the Severstal and the Arkhangelsk from project 941, and the Dmitry Donskoy from project …

  • More than 40 ships from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet conduct exercises in Sevastopol

    In Sevastopol, on December 28, more than 40 ship crews from the Russian Black Sea Fleet practiced preparation for an extended naval, the use of weapons and technical equipment, as reported by the press service of the Southern Military District of Russia.

    "The crews are training to work for the survivability of the ship when berthing at the pier, practicing counter-sabotage and anti-aircraft defense," the report said. The training tasks include daily organization of service; routine and rest of …

  • Russia armed the Black Sea Fleet with more than 50 warships since annexation of Crimea

    During an interview with the Interfax news agency, Aleksandr Vitko, Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, stated that Moscow has transferred more than 50 new warships, boats and auxiliary vessels for "tasks in the Mediterranean and Black Seas” since 2014.

    "Over the past three years, we have received more than 50 new warships, boats and auxiliary vessels, which without a long commissioning period immediately began realization of tasks ", Interfax quotes Vitko as saying.

    According to Vitko, …

  • Russian Navy commander: 100 warships ensure Russia’s presence in the oceans of the world

    The Russian Navy consists of more than 100 warships and other vessels, as indicated during an interview with the Commander of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev by Krasnaya Zvezda.

    "The Navy, as befits a fleet of a naval power, has regained its presence in the world. In the far and near sea zones there are over 100 ships in all four fleets," he said.

    Korolev stressed that the Russian Navy returned to the World Ocean "solely to ensure the security of the country's interests and …

  • Russian Ministry of Defense: experience from Syrian campaign of aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov incorporated in sailor training program

    Experience acquired by the Russian Navy during the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov’s Mediterranean campaign, as well the firing of Kalibr missiles at targets in Syria from submarines and surface ships, has already been analyzed and incorporated into the training programs for Russian sailors, Admiral Vladimir Korolev told Krasnaya Zvezda in an interview.

    “This experience, as well as the experience from firing the precision weapons of project 636.3 submarines, 1135.6 frigates and small …

  • A Russian Navy warship entered the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Syria

    The Russian landing ship Nikolay Filchenkov entered the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the way to Syria, Interfax reported.

    The vessel is headed to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the logistics center of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea is located. This is the Filchenkov’s seventh campaign.

    According to Turkish media, on July 16, a Kyzyl-60 auxiliary transport ship of the Russian Navy passed through the Black Sea straits bearing cargo bound for Syria. On July 10, the landing …

  • Russian Defense Ministry announces successful launch of Bulava intercontinental missile from Yuriy Dolgorukiy submarine

    The Yuriy Dolgorukiy submarine launched a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from a submerged position in the Barents Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. According to the Ministry, the target was located at the Kura missile testing range in Kamchatka, and the launch was made according to the combat training plan.

    “According to objective control, the ICBM military components completed an entire flight program cycle and successfully hit the targets at the testing range,” …