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  • Russian Ministry of Defense: Black Sea fleet will receive new frigate Admiral Makarov equipped with cruise missiles

    The frigate Admiral Makarov, built in the Baltic Yantar Shipyard and equipped with high-precision missile weapons will join Russia’s Black Sea Fleet as early as November this year, as reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

    "It is planned that the frigate Admiral Makarov of Project 11356 will make a transition to the Black Sea Fleet to a permanent location in November this year, after completion of all stages of testing and preparation of equipment for the inter-fleet transition from the …

  • Russia increased number of warships in Mediterranean Sea

    The permanent fleet of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean has been increased to 15 ships. The group consists of the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen, landing ships Nikolay Filchenkov, Caesar Kunikov, and Azov, patrol ship Smetlivy, submarine Krasnodar, a tanker, anti-sabotage ships and support vessels. Before these additions, the group included ten ships, according to Interfax, citing the press service of the Black Sea Fleet.

    The addition of the ship Smetlivy was reported on …

  • Russia’s Baltic Sea Commander: A significant strengthening of the Baltic Sea Fleet is underway

    The Baltic fleet is being actively replenished with new equipment and weapons, stated the commander of Russia’s Baltic fleet, Vice Admiral Alexander Nosatov.

    “By the end of the year, we are also expecting the delivery of another new small missile ship.  The fleet will be also be supplemented by five new auxiliary vessels," said Nosatov in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper on the eve of the Baltic Navy Day on May 18.

    He said that, in 2017, the fleet has already …

  • US Navy Poseidon planes shadow Russian submarine in the Mediterranean

    In the past 24 hours, Russian Krasnodar submarine has been shadowed by three US anti-submarine P-8A Poseidon aircraft from an airbase in Spain, Russia’s Interfax news agency reports with a reference to web sites that are tracking the flights of military aircraft. According to Interfax, the aircraft, alternating each other, circled over the submarine and, at times, descended to a height of 600 meters.

    On Monday morning, one of them flew again to the Mediterranean and continued to follow the …

  • Russia to strengthen its Black Sea fleet with another frigate and two submarines

    In 2017, the Russian Black Sea fleet will receive another new frigate and two submarines, as stated by the Commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Admiral Alexander Vitko, TASS news agency reported.

    "By the end of the current year, we are expecting the addition to the Black Sea Fleet of another “Admiral series" frigate and two more 636.3-Kolpino and Novgorod project submarines  , “ said Vitko in Sevastopol at the celebration event of the 234 anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet.

    Vitko noted that " …

  • NATO warship blocked the path of Russian frigate in the Baltic Sea

    NATO warship blocked the path of Russian frigate Admiral Makarov, reports Zvezda TV channel. Incident reportedly occurred in neutral waters of the Baltic Sea.  

    The NATO ship belongs to Polish Navy and was 14 kilometers away from the Russian frigate.

    The Russian frigate was conducting test firing of Russia’s newest Shtil-1 surface-to-air missile system when the Polish warship approached it.

    The channel states that as a result of the presence of the foreign vessel in the training zone, the …

  • Russian warship collides with a commercial vessel in the Black Sea, sailors reported missing

    The Black Sea Fleet's reconnaissance ship, Liman, received breach below waterline in a collision with the Ashot-7 vessel, as reported by Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

    "No members of the Liman crew were injured. The ship's crew is trying to rescue the vessel,” the Ministry’s statement reads.

    “The incident occurred on Thursday at 11:53 am in the south-west of the Black Sea, 40 km north-west of the Bosporus Strait. The Liman collided with the Ashot-7 ship. Ashot-7’s country of …

  • Nuclear battlecruiser Admiral Nakhimov to enter service with Russian Navy in 3-4 years

    The heavy nuclear missile battlecruiser Admiral Nakhimov will be part of the Russian Navy in the next three to four years, TASS reports, citing Alexei Rakhmanov, President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

    “We will transfer Nakhimov in 2020-2021, I think. We are working on this project, taking into consideration the changes there have been in the work volume,” Rakhmanov told Interfax news agency.

    According to Rakhmanov, as a result of the upgrade, Admiral Nakhimov will have entirely new …

  • Russia has begun to equip its Navy with new helicopters

    The Ministry of Defense of Russia has launched a program to equip the Navy with new helicopters through 2025, the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry said.

    "This means Ka-52K attack helicopters, Ka-31R radar surveillance helicopters, and Ka-226T shipborne helicopters capable of being deployed on ships of small displacement," said the Department's statement, which was posted on the Ministry's website.

    According to the statement, the plans to equip the fleet with …

  • Russian Navy strengthens their fleets with the new Bastion missile systems

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet in the annexed Sevastopol may be reinforced with the new Bastion coastal defence missile systems, as was reported by Interfax on January 27th, referring to a statement by the general director of the Russian company NPO Mashinostroyeniya, Alexander Leonov.

    The news agency writes that according to him, the delivery of the Bastion system is provided for in a 2017 state defense order. The Baltic, Black Sea, Northern, and Pacific Russian fleets will be reinforced by the …