Latvia detects Russian warplanes and warships near its borders

On Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28, the Latvian National Armed Forces recorded the presence of a Russian plane and Russian Navy ships near Latvian borders, reported Delfi.

On October 28, in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia, 14 miles off Latvian coast, armed forces identified the Russian Sura-class buoy tender Kilektor-1 ship. On October 27, the Viktor Konetsky tug boat was recorded 16 miles off Latvian coast.

NATO patrol aircraft also identified yesterday a Russian Air Force An-27 transport aircraft over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea near the Latvian sea border.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia, Russian military aircraft and ships approached the borders 209 times last year, more than 270 times in 2015, and more than 250 times in 2014.

In 2016, Russian Federation military aircraft and ships approached the borders of Latvia 209 times, which is several dozen times less than the year before.

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