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  • Russian media: Kremlin will punish Greece if Athens provides information about S-300 missile systems to Israel

    Athens could suffer if it gives Israel information about S-300 aerial defense systems and lets the Israeli Air Force practice against such systems, writes the Russian site

    “If the key problem of the S-300s is the difficult attacking conditions for Israeli fighters, which are still taking cover behind civilian aircraft, then Iran will certainly be willing to act, attacking any hostile objects without restraint. Obviously, Israel is aware of this, which is why this country’s air force …

  • Russian expert: ‘Curvature of the earth’ protecting Israeli planes from S-300s in Syria

    The “patriotic” Russian news site Reporter has published an article titled “Why Israel is bombarding Syria with impunity under the S-300s’ noses”. In the best traditions of Soviet propagandist rhetoric, the article purports to analyze the factors that have enabled the Israeli Air Force to attack targets in Syria with impunity.

    “The Israeli military has committed another crime” – with such a statement, the author introduces his further analysis. Next he mentions the recent airstrike against …

  • Russia jails Polish citizen on espionage charges

    On June 25, the Moscow City Court sentenced a Polish citizen Marian Radzaevski to 14 years in hard labor detention center for the espionage.

    The trial was closed as the materials of the case were classified, reports Interfax.

    According to investigators, Radzaevski tried to organize the export of military products to Poland, as well as to pass military information that included “state secrets” to Poland.

    He was allegedly looking for an opportunity to obtain secret components of the S-300 air …

  • Russian media: Israel jamming Syrian aerial defense systems due to poor missile success rates

    The Russian site claims to have learned that the actual success rate of Israeli attacks on targets in Syria is only 30-40%.

    “In light of this, Israel has begun to jam the Syrian aerial defense systems, in order to somehow improve the effectiveness of the attacks,” the authors write, without specifying their sources.

    Israel has not actually commented on its use of electronic warfare systems in an attack on Syria’s Al-Harra province. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to …

  • Media: Russia has disrupted Israel’s radars

    The Russian news site claims that Russia’s “Krasukha” electronic warfare systems have disrupted the Israel Defense Force’s radars.

    The site presents arguments to support its theory: the regular flights by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft in the Golan Heights region, and at least three cases of blimps being launched in the same territory to observe the positions of Syrian aerial defense systems. The Russian news outlet sees this as evidence that Israel’s ground radar systems are …

  • Russia successfully tests S-500 missile system

    The radar system and multipurpose radar station that form part of the S-500 Prometheus aerial defense system have been tested and are ready for serial production, sources in the Russian Defense Ministry told Izvestia.

    The final stage of the radars’ testing was performed at the Aerospace Forces’ 185th Combat Training Center base in the Astrakhan province.

    Special attention was given to cooperation between the S-500 radar systems and the Pantsir-SM missile launcher systems, which are designed …

  • Media: Russia agrees to tolerate Israeli attacks in Syria

    After the most recent consultations to prevent conflicts in Syria, which the Russian and Israeli military delegations held last Thursday, the Israeli army’s press service released a generic statement on the “positive and professional atmosphere” in which the meetings took place and their “agreement to continue working together in the spirit of mutual understanding”.

    During the talks, the two sides agreed on the new “rules of the game” which are based on the agreements on the mechanism of …

  • US expresses concern over deployment of Russian S-300 missile systems in Syria

    The United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey once again stated Washington’s concern over the Russian S-300 systems in Syria.

    According to him, especially concerning is the low level of preparation of Syrian personnel who will be operating the systems.

    At a telephone briefing in Brussels, Jeffrey also noted that the S-300 limits Israel’s ability to strike Iran’s forces in Syria which can attack Israel. The speaker of the State Department expressed his full …

  • Media: Four Russian S-300 batteries located in northwest Syria

    Israeli company ImageSat International reports that 4 batteries for the S-300 missile system, delivered from Russia, are deployed in the northwest part of Syria in the area of Masyaf.

    According to the company, the systems are located on the newly created site near the Syrian city of Masyaf in the province of Hama. It was there that the Israeli aviation had previously delivered air strikes against targets related to the Syrian chemical weapons program.

    ImageSat International claims that the …

  • Israel refuses to warn Russia about air attacks in Syria

    Israel rejected Russia’s request to notify Moscow of Tel-Aviv’s operations in Syria in advance.

    Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the Israel Defense Force “does not intend to limit the freedom of its actions”, Times of Israel reported.

    Presently, Israel warns Russia about its military operations in Syria only a few minutes before they begin. Moscow requested Israel to notify of their operations in advance.

    Syrian anti-air defense systems shot down a Russian Il-20 …