Media: Russia has disrupted Israel’s radars

The Russian news site claims that Russia’s “Krasukha” electronic warfare systems have disrupted the Israel Defense Force’s radars.

The site presents arguments to support its theory: the regular flights by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft in the Golan Heights region, and at least three cases of blimps being launched in the same territory to observe the positions of Syrian aerial defense systems. The Russian news outlet sees this as evidence that Israel’s ground radar systems are functioning poorly.

According to anonymous experts cited by the publication, the effects of electronic warfare systems may have driven Israel to adopt such measures.

“Russia has started using its radar jamming systems again following more frequent attacks by jihadists and the high level of activity of American aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, as a result of which Israel simply cannot obtain objective information about the positions of Syrian aerial defense systems, thereby forcing the Syrian military to open fire on aerostat decoys,” the news site writes, citing the initial appraisals of the unnamed specialists.

The article notes that the Russian electronic warfare systems are stationed at the Khmeimim Airbase, and “are completely capable of jamming northern Israel”.

The news site points out that the Israelis have not used fighter jets in the three most recent attacks on facilities in Syria, possibly due to fear of losses that could be caused by the Russian S-300 aerial defense system in Syria.

It was reported previously that Russia had deployed Krasukha and Divnomorye systems in Syria. Experts believe they will be used to jam the onboard radars and communication and guidance systems of aircraft that attack Syrian facilities.

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