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  • Russia tests S-500 missile systems in Syria

    Tests of the S-500 Prometey Air Defense system took place in Syria, reports the newspaper Izvestia, citing sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, as well as Russian defense industry.

    As noted, the testing of the system was successful. During the test, personnel found several problems in the equipment, but quickly fixed it.

    "Syria is the perfect place for such tests because the temperature is always high and there is a lot of dust," said former deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Air …

  • Turkish President Erdogan announces plans to produce S-500 missile systems with Russia

    Turkey and Russia will develop an S-500 air defense system, stated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as reported by Deutsche Welle.

    “Russia offered us a very good deal,” Erdogan said at a meeting with students in Istanbul, referring to the delivery of S-400 missile systems which, according to the agreement, will take place in July 2019.

    Once again, he noted that the purchase of S-400 counter-air defense systems from the Russian Federation is “a done deal”.  

    “Subsequently, the …

  • Russia successfully tests S-500 missile system

    The radar system and multipurpose radar station that form part of the S-500 Prometheus aerial defense system have been tested and are ready for serial production, sources in the Russian Defense Ministry told Izvestia.

    The final stage of the radars’ testing was performed at the Aerospace Forces’ 185th Combat Training Center base in the Astrakhan province.

    Special attention was given to cooperation between the S-500 radar systems and the Pantsir-SM missile launcher systems, which are designed …

  • Turkey considers purchasing Russian S-500 missile systems

    The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey might buy the S-500 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, in addition to S-400 systems, a deal which has already been approved.

    Kanal 24 reports that Erdogan stressed that the contract for the S-400 systems is “a done deal,” and Ankara, in any case, will not refuse it. He also demanded that the US “stop trying to put pressure on Turkey through trade restrictions.” According to him, Turkey is ready to answer in kind. …

  • Media: Erdogan offered to produce S-500 missile systems together with Russia

    On Thursday, during an interview with 24 TV, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that he offered Russian President Vladimir Putin to jointly produce S-500 surface-to-air missiles.

    Erdoğan did not reveal Putin’s response, nor did he mention when exactly the two presidents conversed.  

    Anadolu news agency released an extract of Erdoğan’s interview for 24 TV. “Russia provided us with a loan for S-400 on acceptable terms,” the agency cites Erdoğan as stating. “In the second and third …

  • Russia will add newest S-500 missile systems to its air defense shield

    According to Russia’s Interfax news agency, the newest S-500 surface-to-air missile system will become a part of the Russian national air defense shield. This was stated by the Commander of the anti-missile contingent of the first Air Defense Army, Major-General Andrey Cheburin.

    “The work on the creation of the twenty first century unified national air-defense system is underway. This system will be reinforced with the long-range surface-to-air S-500 systems and mobile radar stations, “ …